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For professional powder coasting in Boronia turn to Sprayfast. Find out more by calling us on 03 9720 5755.
powder coating boronia
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Powder Coating & Sandblasting Boronia

Sprayfast is the name that residents from Boronia and right across Melbourne trust when they need fast and dependable powder coating or sandblasting services.

We work with both smaller, independent clients and large well-known brands and corporations, always delivering a comprehensive and cost-effective service that provides long term solutions.

We have been in business since 1988, with our family owned and operated company providing leading services in powder coating for Boronia clients in a range of industries.

Stronger and more durable than alternative options, such as paint, powder coating can provide even the most awkwardly shaped or intricate piece of machinery with a tough, protective layer. At Sprayfast we have more than 400 colours on offer and can easily deliver a unique and tailored design according to the needs of the client.

With the help of our professional sandblasting services, Boronia clients can quickly clean even the oldest and most worn surfaces, removing rust, grime and other impurities in one straightforward process. Sandblasting works to prepare a surface for further treatments and coatings, and can work equally as well on both large objects and products, as well as more intricate parts or components.

When it comes to finding a trusted team of powder coaters and sandblasters ‘near me’, Boronia residents know they can’t look past the experience and skill of the Sprayfast team.

For a free quote on leading services in sandblasting and powder coating, Boronia clients can call us today on (03) 9720 5755.